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Top 6 Reasons to Study in Canada

Top 6 Reasons to Study in Canada

Top 6 Reasons to Study in Canada


Canada is the top choice for studies from around the world when it comes to getting a higher degree. While students get the chance to study at top institutes, there are endless job opportunities for students and fresh graduates. The chance of becoming a permanent resident of Canada is definitely a plus.

Additionally, Canada is home to countless scenic beauties that attract people from around the world. Imagine studying at a campus surrounded either by beautiful mountains or right in the middle of a modern city. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here we discuss the top 6 reasons to study in Canada and why you should not choose any other country for your future.

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When choosing to study abroad, parents and students want to feel safe in the new country. Canada has the lowest crimes rates in the world along with very few cases of racial discrimination. Students are under special care from the government and extra measures are always under consideration to ensure their safety.

A report from Numbeo states that the safety index of Canada is 62.42, which is much higher than other countries. Consider Australia, for example, which has a safety index of 57.94 while the UK has 57.9 and the US is 49.99. This one factor alone is important enough for parents to choose Canada as a country for higher education.

It is essential for students to feel safe in communities that are outside their countries to focus on studies. Apart from safety, health care is another factor, which is a win for students studying in Canada. The cost of medical insurance is quite affordable in Canada and students are always under special consideration.

  • Rich Diversity of Cultures

Due to immigration and international students in Canada, the country is rich in diverse cultures, religions and languages. Although the official languages are French and English, students can find communities from their home country. The multicultural environment enables students to understand the world and interact well with everyone.

Moreover, this is the main reason why there is much tolerance in Canada for all races around the world. Students in Canada have international student advisors in colleges and universities who guide them about groups and clubs. These clubs are usually from the home country so students can adjust well to the new country.

  • Student Work Permits

Students in Canada can get official work permits issued from the government. They can study in Canada and work part-time jobs to keep themselves financially stable. A work permit is not required when a student has a job on campus. However, one is required when employed outside the campus.

Job opportunities are plenty near the university campus like in hotels, tutors, general labor, restaurants, and hostels. Additionally, international students who graduate can work in Canada for as long as three years. The Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is a great opportunity for students in Canada to earn and start a fresh life anywhere in the country.

  • Scholarships

Apart from some of the greatest, top-ranked universities in Canada, international students also have access to scholarships. Both universities and the Canadian government provide opportunities for international students to study on scholarships.

The process of winning a scholarship is much simpler as compared to other countries. These scholarships may include tuition fees, living expenses other costs of studying abroad. The graduates of Canadian universities are in high demand for international job opportunities.

  • Affordability

While the cost of education is lower as compared to other countries, the cost of living too is much more accessible. When compared to the United States of America, the cost of living in Canada is about 3.09% lower. House rents are about 22.88% lower however, the annual incomes are slightly higher. This gives international students a better chance to save and not worry about finances as much.

  • Immigration

International students can get study and work permits while studying in Canada. Although there are restrictions that only allow a certain number of hours for students to work. The reason behind the restriction is that students should have enough time to study, for which they enter Canada in the first place.

However, after graduation, students can work in Canada for up to three years. They can also apply for permanent residence after completing one year. This is the biggest attraction for students to study in Canada and secure a permanent residence status while present in the country. No other country provides such opportunities. 

Obtaining a student visa is also quite simple and the processing time is less, which ultimately converts into citizenship. If you are looking for a consultation to study in Canada in 2022, get in touch today!

Study in Canada in 2022!

Canada continues to be a great attraction for millions of people around the world. Currently, a student visa is the fastest processing visa type. Additionally, top universities in Canada are processing applications for Spring 2022 intakes. This is your chance to get higher education from the top universities in Canada and soon become a permanent resident.


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