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Privacy Policy

Every firm in Canada that deals with personal information of its clients is required to comply with the rules and regulations of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). PIPEDA has been in effect since January 1, 2004. The act aims to protect all personal information of individuals that are being used by private sector companies for various services. Greentech Resources Limited is strictly adhering to the rules and regulations. We have updated our privacy policy accordingly.

Respecting Your Privacy

As professionals, we consider it to be our ethical and moral duty to keep your information in strictest of confidence. Our privacy policies are in compliance with the regulations of Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

We have a dedicated staff who understand the need to protect the personal information and they adhere to the rules strictly. Greentech Resources Limited has been serving the clients dedicatedly for many years and offers the highest quality of service. We safeguard your information for as long as it is necessary. If the information is no longer required, we destroy the documents beyond recognition.

Why is Your Consent Important?

The personal information can contain significant details about individuals. Name, address, phone number, gender, age, marital status, health information, debit/credit card information, financial information, employment status, opinions, religion and any information that connects to an individual are included in the personal information strata.

Since this information are required to facilitate the immigration process, it is our duty to take your consent before collecting them. In case of objections, a writing document can be submitted. In such a situation, our services will be discontinued. You can consult our experts to know more about the privacy policy.

Our Privacy Policy: Safeguarding Your Information

We are dedicated to our immigration services and ensure only the best in the industry. We collect your personal information only to ensure that your immigration process can take place without any kind of kinks. GreenTech Resources Limited, Canada recognizes the right of privacy of individuals with respect to their personal information and strictly complies with the rules governing the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information as mandated under the PIPEDA. We maintain privacy by keeping your personal information in confidential files with limited access. PIPEDA only identifies few cases where an individual’s consent is not required before gathering the information.

We have a team of trained professionals who respect and maintain this privacy. Upon successful immigration to the country, we retain a few information only for future purposes.

At Greentech Resources Limited, you have the right to decide what kind of information the company holds, or whether they should store your information at all. Barring a few exceptions, you have the right to review the personal information that the firm possesses and make a further request to us. We will respond to you as early as possible.

After review of the information held by the company, if you find any inaccurate or incomplete information, you can approach us to correct it. Documents can be claimed in that case. In case, you want the information deleted, you can make a similar request.

You can contact our experts today for more queries.

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