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Immigration Refusal? We can help you in Appeal

what to do if you get canada immigration refusal

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Applying for a visa, temporary or permanent, and getting an immigration refusal can be demoralizing. The decision of the immigration officer is pivotal, however, there are scopes of re-applying or challenging the decision, especially if the reasoning for refusal seems wrong in the face of the facts presented.

Upon refusal for the first time, there are two different courses of action that can be undertaken- appealing the refusal or applying for the second time that can be made again within a few weeks.

Unless exclusion orders have been issued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department, a second application can be done. In case of a challenge, having the right documents to support your case is of absolute necessity. It is thus in your best interest to assess the first refusal thoroughly to avoid making the same mistakes again.

The top reasons for temporary or permanent Visa refusal can be summarized as follows:

Lack of proper financial support for yourself and your family. This is applicable for students and temporary workers.

In case of temporary employment or students, the IRCC wants documents supporting your immediate return to the country as soon as the purpose is fulfilled. A valid reason has to be presented to get a grant.

Issues with previous travel can also be cited as a reason for visa refusal.

Misplaced documents or incorrect submission of information also end in a visa refusal.

The appeal against visa denial can be made in Federal Court. For foreign applicants, the representative can apply for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System (CAIPS) notes. As a reputed Canadian immigration services provider, our representatives work hard to get the approvael. Once our representative gets the notes, it will be easier for them to assess your case.

The outcome of the challenge can be either a reconsideration letter, wherein the application is judged again, or a negative response, wherein legal assistance can be secured from us for representation in the court.

Both temporary and permanent visa refusal can be contested. Usually, people submit a second application with all the required documents rather contest it. The former is faster and cheaper.

For more information regarding immigration refusal or get visa consultancy services in Canada, contact our experts today with the necessary information

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